Coin Operated Claw Machine

coin operated claw machine

Coin Operated Claw Machine

A coin operated claw machine is a fun and exciting way to spend your money. However, they are also a game of skill and luck.

The main goal of a claw machine is to maneuver the claw into a position where you can grab a prize. The player has a certain amount of time to do this, after which the prize is automatically dropped.


The gameplay of a coin operated claw machine requires players to control the motion of the gantry or claw in order to grab a prize inside the cabinet. The specific method of controlling the claw depends on the particular machine being played and may vary between machines from different brands.

In most cases, the claw is controlled with a joystick that can be manipulated in four directions (left, right, front, back) to move the gantry or claw to the desired position or directly over a prize. A player must then push a button on the joystick that triggers the claw to go down and try to grab the prize.

Some machines allow for an operator adjustable payout rate, which determines the percentage of how often a prize will be paid out based on the value of the merchandise and how much profit the owner prefers to make. This can be very useful if the prizes being paid out are of a high value.

Claw strength is a common feature of claw machines, which can be varied to make it more difficult to win. For example, one machine reviewed in a 2015 Vox article has three types of claw strength settings, each depending on the direction the claw is moving.

Another common feature of claw machines is a timer, which allows the player to play until they get a prize. The claw must be positioned and moved correctly, and the prize must be returned to the dispensing chute before the timer expires in order to win.

Several claw machines have a side box, which is a compartment that opens with a key attached to it. This is where the most valuable prizes are stored.

There are also a number of machines that have “Magic” coins in them, which open up to a variety of small prizes. These include stickers, rings, bouncy balls, and even tiny figurines!

These can be inserted into a special slot in the claw machine, and then one of the auto-release doors will open below to give you access to the prize. These are very popular and can help the operator generate a large amount of profit.


The coin operated claw machine is a popular arcade game that requires skill to win prizes. Kids love the chance to win prizes and often want to try and snag them before the timer runs out. But they may be frustrated when they don?t succeed the first few times they play. Thankfully, mini claw machines are available that allow your child to play at home and practice their skills without spending the extra cash at an arcade.

Prizes can include small plush toys, candy mixes, and other novelty items. These can be sold individually or in sets and are a great way to attract repeat players who will want to try their hand at playing the claw machine.

Many of these games are set to a 1-8 ratio, meaning that players will win one prize out of every eight gameplays. These settings are typically set by the owner/operator of the machine, but you can change them at any time.

Some of the machines also have a “Win Every Time” option, which allows players to keep maneuvering the claw until they find a prize. If they do, the prize will be dispensed through a chute into a hatch for collection.

These types of machines can be used in arcades, laundromats, sports venues, and even home game rooms! They are a fun game that is easy for kids to master and can help attract repeat players who will want to continue playing.

A good mini claw machine will have a wide range of prizes and feature flashing coin operated claw machine lights to make it more engaging for players. Some will also have music and sound effects to add to the experience.

There are also some games that allow players to play real claw machines online. These are called Clawee games and they are available on the App store and Google Play.

These apps let you play with real claw machines, (that are located in some secret location somewhere). You can also see your action live as you move the claw around to try and win prizes. You can also earn free credits on a daily basis, which you can use to play more games.


Many coin operated claw machines have controls available for adjusting the amount of strength of the claw. This can be done to increase the skill and chance of winning a prize or to control the profitability of the machine.

For example, one type of claw machine has two potentiometers that can change the level of voltage going to the claw coil. This can be useful for controlling the amount of strength of the claw during its retracts into the carriage or while it is traveling to the chute and for determining the amount of force the claw needs when picking up the prize.

Another type of claw machine has a microcomputer that is connected coin operated claw machine to a circuit that pulse width modulates the current to the solenoid driver proportional to the desired gripping force. This is a more advanced method of controlling the claw gripping strength, but it has some drawbacks as well.

According to the patent application, the invention has been adapted for use in crane games. The invention includes a moveable claw with closeable jaws, an electrical actuator mechanically connected to the claw and an actuator driver electrically connected to the actuator adapted to issue an electrical current proportional to desired gripping strength to the actuator.

The electrical actuator is a solenoid having an electro-magnet and a ferromagnetic shuttle that moves in response to the energization of the electro-magnet. The attraction of the electro-magnet to the ferromagnetic core causes the jaws of the claw to grip a prize, toy or novelty in the game.

In the preferred embodiment of this invention, a potentiometer 100 is read by a microcomputer 102 to determine a value of current that is desired in solenoid 30 when it is energized (i.e., when a prize is picked up). The microcomputer 102 then outputs this value to circuitry that precisely controls the current in solenoid 30.

A relay 73 is also used to regulate the voltage available through solenoid 30. This configuration allows for the adjustment of the amount of claw gripping force, but does not provide the precision and control that is required in this application.


Whether you’re looking to add a claw machine to your business or you’ve already got one, there are some safety measures you should take to keep it running properly. These include putting it in an area that’s high-traffic and in a place where you can attract customers, as well as making sure it’s easy to use.

A claw crane is a popular game at arcades, supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses with lots of foot traffic. It’s also a great way to promote your brand and increase customer loyalty.

Claw cranes require a certain amount of skill, so it’s important to make sure your equipment is set up so that players can win prizes as often as possible. However, you should also ensure that the prize you’re offering is of good quality and worth what it costs.

The success rate of a claw machine depends on several factors, including operator settings, the type of machine, and the prize’s size and density. It’s also dependent on the player’s depth perception and skill level.

Modern claw machines have ways to vary the strength of their claws. Some have three settings that depend on the direction of their movement, while others have a single setting that determines how often their claws grab objects at full strength.

Most machines also have an “operator adjustable payout rate,” which allows the owner to decide how much profit they want to make from each prize. The higher the payout rate, the less frequent prizes are picked up at full strength, allowing players to win more frequently.

If your machine’s claw doesn’t grab prizes at full strength on a regular basis, it’s probably time to change the settings or replace it. This isn’t always easy, but it’s an important step to take if you want to increase the number of winnings your claw machine makes.

If you’re not sure how to handle this, you can consult a professional who specializes in these machines or contact the manufacturer directly for help. They’ll be able to explain the ins and outs of your equipment, as well as recommend new settings if necessary.

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