Heavy-Weight Cotton T-Shirts

heavyweight cotton tshirts

Heavy-Weight Cotton T-Shirts

Heavy-weight cotton t-shirts are usually made with a heavier version of the standard light or medium-weight cotton that’s used for lightweight and mid-weight tees. These tees can feel thicker and rougher to the touch than their lightweight or mid-weight counterparts, but they can still be soft and affordable (if you know where to look).

If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting tee that will hold up well over time, heavyweight tees are an excellent choice. They can also be less expensive than their lighter or mid-weight counterparts, but they are more resistant to shrinking and have sturdier stitching.

Comfort Colors

The 6.1 ounce 32 singles ringspun cotton fabric in this Comfort Colors C1717 heavyweight tee is preshrunk and garment-dyed to make it an easy wearer for long term use. It features a classic width rib collar, twill-taped neck and shoulders, and rib knit cuffs for added comfort and style.

It’s also a smart looking shirt that’s designed to withstand repeated wear and tear with double-needle stitched sleeves and hems, plus set-in sleeves for a smoother fit around the arms. It’s a great choice for any brand looking to boost their product image with a unique print.

Among the many brands in the custom t-shirt category, Comfort Colors has become an industry leader in bringing high quality, stylish products to the market. Their t-shirts are garment-dyed and soft-washed to reduce shrinkage for a comfortable feel that lasts. They also have a large selection of fun colors and sizes to choose from, and a full array of printing options including screen and discharge, foil, and embroidery.

Their t-shirts are made from the highest quality materials, and are printed in-house using advanced technology. They are one of the best companies in the business when it comes to quality, customer service, and a wide selection of unique styles and sizes to choose from. Their products are a must have for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd and make their mark.

Los Angeles Apparel

If you’re looking for heavy-weight cotton t-shirts that can last you for years, Los Angeles Apparel is an excellent option. They’re made in the USA and feature an extensive selection of styles.

They offer classic clothing that’s flattering and includes inclusive sizing, so you can shop with confidence. They also have a wide range heavy-weight cotton t-shirts of colors, including neutrals and pastels.

Founded by Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel, Los Angeles Apparel offers the same values as its parent company, including paying workers fair wages and generating jobs for Americans. They also work hard to be as sustainable as possible, using recycled yarn and sourcing cotton grown ethically.

The brand makes everything in their South Central LA factory, and they control the production from start to finish. They’re also committed to purchasing carbon-offsets, so their shipping is carbon-neutral.

Reviewers who purchased items from Los Angeles Apparel were very happy with the quality and fit of their garments. They said the cotton was very durable, and that the fabrics are shrink-free as a result of their garment dyeing process.

Their shirts are also very comfortable. They’re made from USA-grown cotton and have a soft, broken-in feel. Their fabrics are also very absorbent, making them great for workouts or everyday wear.

They have a variety of sweatshirts, hoodies, tops, jeans, shorts, pants, jackets, underwear, accessories and swimwear. The best seller is their cotton poplin Trillionaire Pant.

In addition to basic clothing, Los Angeles Apparel also sells more upscale options for men and women. Their clothing ranges from casual to professional, with many pieces suitable for business or social events.

Los Angeles Apparel is a popular brand, with over 130k followers on Instagram and some pretty flattering press in New York Magazine, E! Entertainment, and Yahoo.

Compared to other brands like American Apparel, Los Angeles Apparel has a higher price tag but delivers a high level of quality. Their cotton is sourced in the USA and their manufacturing is vertically integrated, meaning that all of their apparel is made at the same factory.

This means that Los Angeles Apparel’s clothes are uniform in both fit and quality, which is great for people who want to be sure that their t-shirts will look the same two years from now as they did when they got them two years ago. The price may be a bit higher, but it’s worth it for the durable cotton and great fit.

Wax London

Wax London is a menswear brand that strives to produce premium clothing while being ethical and sustainable. The brand uses a variety of ethical and sustainable fabrics, and frequently packages its items in recycled paper and cardboard. It also tries to minimize its textile waste and is constantly looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

Unlike lightweight and midweight t-shirts, heavyweight tees are more durable, stronger, and more breathable. They are often made from organic cotton and are built to hold their shape while allowing for ease of movement.

A t-shirt can be classified as heavyweight when heavy-weight cotton t-shirts its GSM (grams per square metre) is above 200. This is the most durable type of t-shirt, making it great for work or travel. It’s also more economical, which is why it’s a great investment piece for any wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a hardy, heavyweight t-shirt with plenty of texture, Allevol’s Heavy Duty tee is worth checking out. The shirt is made from 100% recycled fabric sourced from an eco-friendly French mill, and it’s been designed to stand up to years of wear.

Another brand that makes great heavyweight t-shirts is 3sixteen, which uses robust manufacturing techniques to make its 260 gsm tees. The tees are treated to be extra soft and shrink less, and a triple-needle cover stitched collar gives them even more strength.

The shirts are also crafted from cotton that’s been woven in Japan on traditional circular knitting machines. This helps keep the t-shirt in place while providing a rich, thick texture and a natural drape.

For a more casual look, Wax London’s oversized t-shirts are perfect for layering over a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. They’re a little roomier, and their chunky patterns give the tees a slightly less formal, yet still cool, feel.

A heavier tee can also be the ideal overshirt to wear when you’re out and about in winter. The Whiting overshirt from Wax London is a versatile option for cold weather days, especially since it takes design cues from vintage flannels and can be worn under a chore jacket or carpenter pants for a more relaxed take on workwear.


The Heavy Duty tee from Allevol is crafted with high grade raw cotton, spun in Japan on traditional circular knitting machines. The thick 14 count yarn has a boxy fit that’s perfect for casual wear. The tee is made to last years of wear and is available in black, white, or navy.

This vintage-inspired tee is the perfect addition to any casual wardrobe. It features a classic boxy shape and a heavyweight you’ll be reaching for all season long.

While many brands use text-only logos, Allevol’s logo is different and eye-catching, adding a unique element to the brand. It also ties into the company’s Japanese roots, which is important for this brand.

The brand co-founder, Taka Okabe, grew up in Japan and discovered his love of vintage clothing at an early age. Now he’s the director of Clutch Cafe London and the founder of menswear label Allevol.

He’s since refocused on his passions, using these to design and develop clothing that’s designed for daily wear. His designs are often rooted in conceptual inspirations, combining the best of vintage clothing, art, music, and sport.

It’s this combination that enables Allevol to create clothes that stand the test of time and become timeless. The company’s products are meant to be worn for years on end and as they inevitably fade, the colors reveal their true character.

For example, they’ve collaborated with Scottish knitwear specialists Inverallan to make a fisherman sweater in 100% indigo-dyed cotton. The indigo dyes have a hard time binding to fibers, so as they age, the color will gradually reveal its white core.

Another one of the brands’ more interesting pieces is this RAF cold weather parka from England. The coat was designed to protect against the elements, but is also a great layering piece for colder days.

In addition to this jacket, they also have a number of other cold-weather-ready outerwear pieces like fleece vests and waterproof raincoats. These are perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of their winter clothes without sacrificing style or comfort. They’re easy to pair with a simple jeans and tee ensemble for a casual approach to cold-weather dressing.

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