Hotel Door Locks

hotel door locks

Hotel Door Locks

Hotel door locks are one of the most important parts of any hotel or resort security system. They provide an essential layer of security and comfort for guests while also reducing the workload on hotel staff.

Unlike traditional keys, which can be easily forged or misplaced, hotel door locks use RFID technology to open doors. They also allow access to specific rooms or areas only for a certain period.


Dormakaba offers a range of electronic hotel locks that can be programmed to give you the flexibility you need for your hotel. These can include access scheduling, holiday and vacation blocks, visitor management and audit trail options that are great for hotels with multiple properties and thousands of doors.

These locks work on RFID technology and can be updated remotely and managed over a wireless connection. Some of these systems also feature keycard auditing capabilities to enhance staff monitoring and user accountability.

Many of these systems can be networked with dormakaba USA Inc’s Ambiance access management software that allows managers to monitor and respond to door alerts in a secure 2-way system. The software can also be used to grant new access permissions for room changes without a trip back to the front desk, which can save time and energy.

Some of these locks also feature BlueSky Access, which is a cloud-based mobile access key delivery system that merges security and convenience for guests. It allows guests to request and receive a key via their smartphone or tablet.

In addition, dormakaba’s RT Plus mobile-enabled hotel door locks radio frequency ID guestroom electronic door lock features Bluetooth low energy technology integrated in its reader and is an option for magstripe or mechanical lock retrofit. It is designed for high-security applications that require enhanced guest comfort and operational efficiency.

RT Plus is a durable, reliable, and cost-effective solution that is ideal for properties of all sizes that want an advanced, mobile-enabled access management system. This BLE-enabled electronic door lock works with dormakaba’s Saflok System 6000 access management software and Messenger LENS online wireless system for superior control and monitoring.

Other options are available such as the Saflok Quantum IV, which provides a sleek and elegant appearance that integrates with any decor. The Quantum IV is also equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology and can operate using dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions.

All of these locks are ADA compliant and can be customized to match your hotel’s aesthetic. They are designed, assembled and tested in North America to ensure a quality installation. They are BMHA/ANSI Grade 1 certified and ROHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) and CE/ EMC compliant.


Godrej is a 123-year old company that designs and manufactures some of the world’s most innovative locking devices. The company specializes in producing quality locks for both residential and commercial use. Its newest offerings include a range of Bluetooth-enabled smart locks that boast the latest connectivity and security features.

Designed to be both durable and functional, these smart locks are easy to install and operate. They are programmable and can be controlled via smartphone apps. Some models even come with additional security features, such as an anti-prank alarm and the ability to add random numbers to your PIN.

The smart door lock market is booming. Some of the most popular options include those that can be controlled with smartphones and RFID cards. The best part is that they are inexpensive to install and can be used in hotels of all sizes.

One of the top notch smart door locks is from Assa Abloy, which has been around since 1994 and is known for its superior security. Its latest offering, Advantis Technosecure, is a great choice for forward-thinking hoteliers who want to provide their guests with a convenient and safe experience.

The most impressive smart door lock from Assa Abloy is a wireless, keyless system that can be controlled with a smartphone app. It also comes with a host of other features that are sure to delight your guests. In the spirit of the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense to look into a smart lock that can help your staff keep guests in check.


If you want to increase the security of your hotel door locks, consider using a high-quality brand like Kwikset. They offer a wide variety of locks that are easy to install and offer excellent durability. They also have a lot of options for smart locks, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

These digital locks can be controlled by a smartphone app, which is an extremely convenient feature for guests. They can be used to unlock doors and access rooms, and they’re often linked with property management systems. This can significantly improve customer experience, as it’s much easier for guests to check in and out of their room.

They come in a variety of styles and finishes, including black and silver. They’re also compatible with Operto Connect, so you can easily integrate them with your property management system.

Another great option is a card-based system, which works by inserting plastic cards into small slots in the hotel’s doors. Once the card is in place, it can only be removed when the guest checks out of their room. This type of lock is incredibly secure, and it’s a great way to ensure that only registered guests can enter the building.

This is the most affordable and versatile choice for hotel owners looking to upgrade their security. It has a key-in/key-out feature and time delay functionality, which makes it ideal for managing large groups of guests. It’s also ANSI grade 2 rated, which means it can handle heavy use.

It’s also resistant to bumping and picking, so it won’t be able to be opened by anyone without your key. This is a good choice for any hotel that has shared doors and needs to protect them from intruders.

Kwikset offers several different options for hotel door locks, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit. They also sell a variety of accessories that can make the installation process a lot simpler, such as key blanks and SmartKey rekey technology. These products can be a big help for maintenance teams, who may need to rekey their hotel’s locks frequently.


Schlage offers a variety of lock systems that are perfect for hotel door locks. They are ADA compliant, easy to integrate with existing property management systems and offer a wide range of features to improve guest experience.

They also offer a range of security features, such as keyway exclusivity and multi-level key hierarchy. Their cylinders are UL437 listed and have a finger pin and sidebar design that makes them highly pick-proof.

Their key systems provide the flexibility to meet all of your hotel’s security needs while reducing costs and simplifying maintenance. They have a variety of cylinders that fit into various types of doors, so you can choose the right one for your specific application.

Choosing the right lock system for your hotel is important because it will affect how guests access their rooms and how you manage your building. It will also affect how you respond to security incidents and what kind of insurance you can carry.

There are many different lock systems available, but the main difference between them is what they can do. For example, Schlage offers a wide range of locks with smartphone app control. These can be used to open doors remotely and provide a number of other functions, such as Mobile Check-In.

Another advantage of these locks is that they are easy to install and operate, and can be customized to your needs. They are a great option for hotels that want to provide better guest experiences and improve their marketing.

These locks are compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be controlled using the Schlage Home app. They use WiFi to communicate hotel door locks with the cloud and allow users to unlock their doors.

The Schlage Encode Plus has a battery that runs on four AAA batteries, which can last for over a year when used regularly. However, this depends on the frequency at which you use it and how often you change the batteries.

If you need to replace the batteries in your Schlage Encode lock, you can find the correct replacements at a hardware store. You can also visit a locksmith to help you remove the old batteries and install the new ones.