Why You Need a Tow Hook Cover

tow hook cover

Why You Need a Tow Hook Cover

The tow hook cover is a spare part that attaches to the front bumper of your car and keeps dirt and debris out of the tow hitch compartment.

These caps are usually made of durable plastic or metal and attach with a simple clip or screw system. They can also be color matched to your bumper’s color.

Front Bumper

A tow hook cover is a bit of a no-brainer when you’re planning to pull a trailer or haul heavy loads around. It protects your hitch from damage while keeping out dirt and debris. Typically, it’s made of durable plastic or metal and is attached with a simple clip or screw system. It also has a built-in deterrent: it comes with a built-in lock to keep out unscrupulous thieves. Having one of these handy dandy toys is a must for any tow hook cover tow truck buff. You’ll be glad you did when you need it. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced tow trucker, this is the right part for your vehicle.

Rear Bumper

Most new vehicles come with a tow hook eye cap – usually found in the middle section of the front bumper and near the bottom of the rear bumper. This allows a steel hook to be screwed into the bumper stiffener beam. This prevents the tow rope from rubbing against the bumper and causing it damage. It also allows a shackle or D-ring to be easily attached to the hook, making it easy for the vehicle to pull heavy loads with ease.

When the vehicle is not in use, the tow hooks are stowed away behind the bumper. Tow hooks that are designed for use on the rear bumper are typically built to hold shackles, D-rings and chain extensions. These are often a bit bulkier than those used on the front bumper. Some are even built to hold a pintle hook, which is a type of hitch that allows a trailer to be swung on to a towing vehicle. This is useful for a wide range of towing applications, including hauling a large boat or caravan, transporting heavy goods and even dragging an RV behind the car. This type of tow hook can be a great way to reduce the amount of time it takes to tow a vehicle.

Engine Bay

A tow hook cover is the piece that sits behind your front bumper and protects your tow hook from dirt, debris and the elements. It may look like a simple black Styrofoam panel, but this part of your car is actually very important. It lets a roadside assistance company load up your vehicle on the tow truck if it needs to be taken off the road. It also keeps the tow hook from getting dirty, so it doesn’t rust and cause damage. It’s an inexpensive and practical piece of automotive accessories, and one that will make your car stand out from the crowd.

Most modern cars and trucks will have a set of tow hooks provided by tow hook cover the manufacturer. These will usually be stowed away in a tool case underneath the boot lid. Some may also be screwed into attachment points on the frame under the hood or along the rear of the vehicle. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will help you find out where these are on your vehicle. Some will require a special wrench and pin to install.

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