VELP Scientifica’s Overhead Stirrer

VELP Scientifica’s Overhead Stirrer

Highspeed overhead stirrer

When it comes to choosing an overhead stirrer, you will find that there are several models available. VELP Scientifica offers a wide variety of stirrers, including the VELP DLH, Eurostar 20, and Heidolph RZR. Here are a few benefits to each.

Heidolph RZR 1

The Heidolph RZR 1 high speed overhead stirrer features two gears that deliver speeds between 280 and 2200 rpm and an analog control. The stirrer uses a code-32 or -34 stir shaft and is available in either a standard or Ace modified height.

It is perfect for mixing and dispersing media, and is capable of producing repeatable and documentable results. Its many features and operation modes make it ideal for a wide range of applications. The high-speed, continuous-mixing mode provides even stirring, even under variable loads.

The Heidolph RZR 1 high speed overhead stirrer features a through-shaft design to reduce the amount of work required. It also features a Quick-Chuck impeller replacement for easy changeover. Hei-Control software enables automated process cycles and saves the results in an electronic file. Its latest generation of motors produces lower noise levels than its predecessors. This ensures years of maintenance-free operation.

When using an overhead stirrer, it is important to choose the correct stirrer tool. Each stirrer tool produces different effects and characteristics. Make sure you choose the correct tool according to the type of medium you’re mixing and the viscosity.

Julabo OHS.5

The Julabo OHS.5 high-speed overhead stirrer is designed for all standard laboratory mixing applications. This stirrer is equipped with microcomputer control technology for high stability and precise stirring speed. It is also easy to use and is compatible with most standard lab equipment.

It comes with a wide range of features, including a splash-water-protected keypad, regulated orbital motion, and digital temperature display. It’s also suitable for a wide range of environments, including CO2 High-speed overhead stirrer incubators and high-humid environments. Designed to stir liquids for up to 20 litres, the Julabo OHS.5 has a large capacity and can be used for days on end.

It comes with a digital display and torque compensation, ensuring constant speed, even under varying viscosity. It has a timer and is CE, CSA, and UL certified. The stirrer can handle shafts up to 13mm in diameter.

Eurostar 20

Eurostar 20 high-speed overhead stirrers are highly powerful laboratory stirrers. They are ideal for intensive mixing in quantities of up to 150 l (H2O). These stirrers feature microprocessor-controlled technology and RS-232 and USB interfaces.

This stirrer comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, or two years if you register your product. It includes a chuck key, as well as a power cord. These stirrers are reliable and durable and are widely used in laboratories around the world.

The EUROSTAR 20 high-speed digital Overhead Stirrer has a microprocessor-controlled motor and is designed for intensive mixing tasks in laboratories. Its digital speed display lets you fine-tune the speed as you stir. It also features overload and anti-stall protection and an overload protection switch. Its LED speed display and overload protection help you perform experiments more efficiently. A two-year warranty on parts and labor is included with Eurostar 20 high-speed overhead stirrer.

Velp DLH

The VELP DLH high-speed overhead stirrers are a great choice for medium to high-viscosity mixing tasks. With a digital display, they provide users with important information about stirring and speed. They also feature an automatic shut-off after the preset time. They have an easy-to-use and slim design that takes up little bench space. Furthermore, they have a robust motor to provide years of trouble-free operation.

The VELP DLH high-speed overhead stirrers are designed with safety in mind. They are designed with a low profile, ergonomically-shaped handle and are equipped with an anti-corrosive anti-rust coating. The stirrer has a durable motor and a robust aluminum casing that is easy to clean and maintain. The stirrer is also lightweight and is perfect for laboratories with limited space.

The DLH high-speed overhead stirrers are designed High-speed overhead stirrer for medium to high viscosity liquids and come with a bright display. They also have an adjustable operating timer and programmable digital timer, and they come with automatic shutdown and overload protection. The DLH is also available with different rod models to suit a variety of applications.

Controlling the stirring speed with electronic speed control is also possible. This allows users to set the desired speed, no matter the type of load. Whether stirring viscous, abrasive or corrosive liquids, a constant speed is ensured. Furthermore, the gentle stirring action promotes high cell yield and prevents cell shearing.


The Caframo high-speed overhead stirred is designed for mixing viscous substances. It features a 9.5-mm shaft and a 125-mm blade, which is electropolished 316L stainless steel. Its high shear at the blade edges makes it ideal for use close to the vessel wall. The stirrer comes with a calibration certificate, stand, power cord, and a chuck guard. The stirrer is compatible with different types of vessels.

The Caframo BDC2002 is slightly larger than the petite BDC6015 but offers the same flexibility and efficiency. It also features a precision adjustment system, which ensures that it is always running at the correct speed. The Caframo BDC6015, for example, can stir at a maximum of 6000rpm and achieve +/-1rpm accuracy. Similarly, the Caframo BDC1850 can deliver 568 Ncm of torque to a 60-L container. It is also compatible with stands, which make it easy to move from one lab to another.

The Caframo high-speed overhead stirring machine has a brushless DC motor with two speeds. The low speed has 5 times the torque as the high speed. Both speed ranges are CE and RoHS-compliant. The stirrer comes with a chuck guard and key. It is also equipped with two sets of cords.